Surgical face masks

Made in Europe

Disposable type IIR surgical face masks, CE certified, filtering 98% of particles.

Why MiMask?

So you can stay safe and feel safe.

Surgical face masks

MiMask produces single use, surgical face masks. According to EU regulations they are meant to prevent the person that wears them to spread bacteria and viruses, to keep the people around you safe and healthy.

Highest Quality

Our surgical face masks are made of highest quality, CE certified materials of European production. They filter 98% of particles, and are being certified as Type IIR medical devices.

100% Made in Europe

We make our masks in Europe, with European materials. We strive to deliver the highest quality possible, selling directly to our customers, without middlemen or scammers.

Coming soon

Our production is being prepared for launch. We’re working very hard to start delivering soon. We do not compromise on quality standards, and are obtaining the strictest certifications globally.

Soon you will be able to buy your MiMasks directly from us. Stay tuned.

Get in touch

Care Mask, SL

+34 910 89 16 17
(Mon-Fri, 10:00-18:00 CET)


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